Added Florida Marco Island Album

November 28, 2017

to the Travel section 


Re-sorted albums

November 14, 2017

to be most recent albums first, rather than having to scroll down. This is most prominently noticed in Waterscapes, and Winterscapes. 


Added 2 Waterscape Albums

November 7, 2017

Summer Clouds 1, and Fall Sunset 1 


Added 4 new albums

October 15, 2017

3 Waterscape: Spring Sunrise 8, Summer Sunrise 13, and Summer Sunset 5, all under Waterscapes, plus a CCC photoshoot album under House. 


Added 2017 Eclipse

August 25, 2017

Was able to see and shoot the August 21st solar eclipse in Eureka, Missouri. It is under the Astronomy section. 


Added 5 albums

April 4, 2017

Added 3 Waterscapes albums (Summer Midday 5, Fall Sunrise 13, and Fall Sunrise 14), as well as 2 Winterscapes albums (Winter Sunset 2 and Winter Midday 1) 


Added Fall Colors 4

October 18, 2016

Added a recent photo shoot from the north woods where the colors were spectacular. Its called “Fall Colors 4” and under the “Fall Colors” section. 


Added 2016 albums to date (23 of them)

September 19, 2016

Besides reorganizing the Wildlife album to have subchapters and adding a fawn album to it… added 2 travel albums (Minocqua and Niagra Falls), 15 Waterscape albums (Spring Midday 1 thru Summer Midday 3), 4 Winterscape albums (Winter Sunrise 7-10), and a house album and several house pictures 


Added some end of year albums

January 5, 2016

Added a few images to Clouds and to Office, at the top. Also added several albums: Crystals 7 under Ice Crystals, Zoom Study 3 under Ice Crystals, Fall Sail to Waterscapes, and North Winter Sun 4 under Winterscapes. 


Added Several More Albums

December 27, 2015

Fall Sunrise 11, Fall Midday 4, Fall Sunrise 12, and Summer Sunrise 6 to the Waterscapes page. Added Lake Snow 2 to the Winterscapes page. Subcategaorized the Fall colors page, and added to it Illinois Fall Colors 1, 2, 3, and 4, and North Woods 1, 2, and 3, and Fall Colors Waterscape. 


Added links to inventory

December 1, 2015

in the About section of the website. Links to prints taken in and around Mundelein, IL, and prints from northern Wisconsin, and also a list of those on public display. 


Added several albums

July 18, 2015

Added 2 moon pictures under Astronomy, a few things in Ice Crystals (Ice Crystals 6, 2 and zoom studies), several albums in Waterscapes (Fall Sunrise 10, Spring Sunrise 3, Spring Sunrise 4, Spring Sunrise 5, Spring Sunset 1, Spring Storm 1, and Summer Sunrise 5), 2 albums to Winterscapes (North Overcast 2, and Winter Sunrise …


Added an Eagle to the Wildlife album

December 17, 2014

Shot this image thru the kitchen window on a cold day. He was perched high in the tree, and with 2 other of his friends. I didn’t get good shots of them, since they were all there only briefly. 


Added About page, and contact form

December 13, 2014

in case one wishes to reach me. It can be found here. 


Added 18 new collections under Waterscapes

November 18, 2014

Added Spring Sunrise 2, Summer Bay 1, Spring Morning Bridge, Summer Bay 2, Summer Sunrise 1, Summer Sunset 1, Summer Bay 3, Summer Sunrise 2, Summer Sunrise 3, Summer Sunrise 4, Summer Sunset 2, Late Summer Dusk 2, Fall Sunrise 6, Fall Sunrise 7, Fall Midday 1, Fall Sunrise 8, Fall, Midday 2, Fall Sunrise …


Website revamp/launch

November 2, 2014

Revamping of whole underpinnings of the¬†website, most notably to include ratings for each image. Also added comment section at the bottom of each page. We have lift-off.