2017 Eclipse

Brian Donahoe


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Hailing from northern Illinois, and the total eclipse peaking in southern Illinois... chance of a lifetime.

We viewed the total eclipse of 2017 just south of St. Louis.Missouri, near southern Illinois.
We went down a day early, and scouted locafions to shoot, and to check out the weather.
We were watching the clouds close, as there was a big system in the area
(to the north and to the west. It barely missed us and we lucked out.

The shoot was hectic, grueling, and technically extraordinarily difficult, but we managed to pull it off.

the tricky parts
focusing (argh!)!, exposure (holy crap)! moon speed! bright, oh God, the brightness!, earth rotation! the timing!, lights out during totality! drift of focus due to
heated equipment! straight friggin up! occasional clouds! visitors at worst time! sweat, sweat, sweat... my God, the heat!!

1:32 PM

1:48 PM

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11:49 AM

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