• Added 5 albums (4/4/2017) - Added 3 Waterscapes albums (Summer Midday 5, Fall Sunrise 13, and Fall Sunrise 14), as well as 2 Winterscapes albums (Winter Sunset 2 and Winter Midday 1)  
  • Added Fall Colors 4 (10/18/2016) - Added a recent photo shoot from the north woods where the colors were spectacular. Its called “Fall Colors 4” and under the “Fall Colors” section.  
  • Added 2016 albums to date (23 of them) (9/19/2016) - Besides reorganizing the Wildlife album to have subchapters and adding a fawn album to it… added 2 travel albums (Minocqua and Niagra Falls), 15 Waterscape albums (Spring Midday 1 thru Summer Midday 3), 4 Winterscape albums (Winter Sunrise 7-10), and a house album and several house pictures  
  • Added some end of year albums (1/5/2016) - Added a few images to Clouds and to Office, at the top. Also added several albums: Crystals 7 under Ice Crystals, Zoom Study 3 under Ice Crystals, Fall Sail to Waterscapes, and North Winter Sun 4 under Winterscapes.  
  • Added Several More Albums (12/27/2015) - Fall Sunrise 11, Fall Midday 4, Fall Sunrise 12, and Summer Sunrise 6 to the Waterscapes page. Added Lake Snow 2 to the Winterscapes page. Subcategaorized the Fall colors page, and added to it Illinois Fall Colors 1, 2, 3, and 4, and North Woods 1, 2, and 3, and Fall Colors Waterscape.  



  1. Your wonderful aunt karin says:

    My dearest Brian: This kind of artistic photography has to speak to the onlooker and tell a story, some in short, some in long book form. Lets talk about the eagle Brian, ok?
    The eagle is a majestic symbol of our country, The eagle should always be in flight or looking majestic at all times. OK< the swan? now talk about a mystical bird and so awesome, he needs to have his tail up and head close to his neck, he has to show the proud bird he is, I love the picture of the water and sky, its awesome and should be on a wall, it speaks to you. Just remember a picture on the wall, has to tell a story, keep that in mind when taking it, ok? I love all your pictures, yes I do, but if you are going into the artistic side of it, that's like writing a book. I am so glad I got to see the family in some of the pictures, everyone is growing up too fast. Take good care and I'll love looking at the pictures, all of them. hugs to you, aunt karin

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